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The Programme Committee Media and Communication is a participatory body of students and staff representatives which is exclusively focused on all matters related to education. The Programme Committee’s main task is advancing and warranting the quality of the programmes in M&C. 

Either on its own initiative or on request, the Programme Committee advices the Education Programme Director or the Vice Dean of Education on matters related to education in the programme. Yearly, it assesses the Teaching and Examination Regulations and how these regulations are applied. The Programme Committee also discusses reports on external audits to the Programme. 

In practice, this means that the Education Programme Director or the Vice Dean of Education present their plans to the Programme Committees for advice and input. The Committees can also take the initiative of advancing ideas for enhancing the quality of education.

We meet about 6 times a year and apart from that, we take up a role in ad hoc taskforces or small committees. Twice a year, student members organize a survey and focus group discussions with students of the programmes they represent.

All students in the different programmes receive an invitation to apply for membership in September of each academic year. For staff members there is an election every two years.

The Programme Committee Media and Communication has 5 staff representatives and 5 student representatives. In IBCoM, we have 1 year-representative for year 1 and 1 for BA2/3. The Research Master usually has one representative in the Programme Committee, and the other Media Studies Masters and Premasters have a total of two representatives.

For general questions concerning the Programme Committee, please write to With specific issues you can also contact an individual student or staff member.

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