Media and Cultural Industries

ERMeCC Research Theme

Against the background of wider technological, economic, socio-cultural and political developments, the logics of the media and cultural industries have been changing significantly in recent decades. They have become major economic growth sectors, especially in advanced western countries. We examine how media organizations and industries have responded to altering international, national and local (business) conditions brought about by these developments. What has been the impact of successive technological innovations on the production and distribution of media and cultural content? To what extent and in what ways are structures and processes of media production currently being transformed by increasing digitalization, converging media and shifting ownership structures? How does this affect the nature of creative work in the media and cultural industries? Our research also seeks to understand and qualify the role of media and cultural industries for cities and regions worldwide as breeding grounds for economic and cultural developments, and as places for cultural consumption and tourism.

Fields and industries

ERMeCC researchers focus on the following fields and industries:

  • Innovation in the Creative Industries (Bhansing, Hitters, Wijngaarden).
  • Tourism (Reijnders, Bolderman, Siri Driessen, Van Es, Waysdorff). 
  • Cultural Heritage (Braden, Janssen, Reijnders, Van der Hoeven, Vecco, Vermeylen).
  • Popular music (Berkers, Bolderman, Simone Driessen, Handke, Hitters, Janssen, Schaap, Van der Hoeven, Van Poecke).
  • Film and Television (Kersten, Krijnen, Bouman, Engelbert, Janssen, Verboord).
  • Journalism and News (Hille, Janssen, Kester, Slot, Verboord).
  • Telecommunications and Mobile Devices (Mosemghvdlishvili).
  • Digital Games (Jansz, Jacobs, Kneer, Neys, Ribbens, Slot).
  • Fashion and Design (Braden, Lavanga). 
  • Literature and Book Publishing (Berkers, Van Es, Janssen, Verboord, Van Rees).
  • Visual Arts (Arora, Braden, Handke, Van Hest, De Strooper, Vermeylen, Vecco, Weij).
  • Performing arts (Bhansing, Ragsdale). 

Recent publications

A selection of publications within this research theme is listed below.


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