Virtual Lab

Welcome to our virtual lab page. Here we provide an overview of software tools related to the lab.

Research Software Currently Available

With the exception of Qualtrics, all of these tools are available on researchers’ computers through the SSC-ICT’s software page. [link updaten]

Data gathering
  • Audacity (audio recording and editing)
  • Camstudio Desktop Recorder (Computer screen recording and editing)
  • Qualtrics (digital survey tool; license on request)

Data Analysis

  • Atlas.ti 7 (qualitative data-analysis)
  • SPSS 22 (statistical analysis)
  • SPSS Amos (quantitative data-analysis, structural equation modeling. License on request)
  • Eviews 8 (statistical analysis and data visualization)
  • G*Power 3.1 (statistical analysis)
  • Markov Model (quantitative data-analysis)
  • Matlab 7.16 (quantitative data-analysis)
  • R-Project 3.1.0 (statistical analysis)
  • Stata SE 13 (statistical analysis)
  • TreeAge Pro 2012 (statistical analysis, modeling)







Other digital research labs

Ideas of tools ERMeCC researchers may want to investigate

Online Data Collection

  • Scraper Wiki: Online text analytics for social media
  • Outwit Hub Pro: All-purpose online text analytics
  • DiscoverText: Online text analytics. This tool can be used to acquire and analyze, among others, Twitter data.
  • ScrapingHub: Web crawling service provider.

Offline Data Collection Aids or Analysis

  • R – open source statistics programming language
  • Text-o-metrica - Create semantic networks from text data
  • Qualtrics SMS surveying. Expansion to our existing Qualtrics package that allows phone surveys through text messaging.
  • FrontlineSMS: Behavioral surveys via SMS.
  • Express Scribe: Transcription software that is compatible with the foot pedals.
  • Dragon Dictate: Dictation transcription software.
  • Tableau Desktop: Data visualization (Free for educational use).
  • Gephi: Network data visualization (Free / open source).
  • ManyEyes: Text data visualization (Free).
  • Google Charts: Data visualization (Free).
  • Provalis Research ProSuite: Research package for qualitative and quantitative data analysis.
  • Ucinet: Network Analysis
  • NodeXL: Network tool (Free/ open source).
  • Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC): linguistic analysis.
  • MaxQDA: Alternative qualitative data-analysis (Portable license:.
  • NVivo: Alternative qualitative data-analysis package.
  • D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. 



  • - Many types of data from the US gvt
  • - Equivalent of for NL (in Dutch)
  • Wikipedia data (The edit history of every page on Wikipedia is available - you probably want a smaller subset. See the example papers that use this data for ideas.)
  • Gephi wiki - Many topics - network data
  • - Many types of data
  • Pleio - Geographic info / GIS (Dutch)
  • Open Calais - Scientometrics
  • Rotterdam Open Data - Public data project at the municipal level (Dutch)
  • Fluxtream - More health and QS-datatools. Very 'easy' to use!
  • Govcom - Web data gathering tool from UvA
  • WayBackMachine - Historical snapshots of web pages
  • [netvizz] - Get your own personal Facebook data
  • Gapminder - Mostly international comparative data as well as visualization tool
  • Ornithologist - A python script for gathering Twitter data
  • Wikipedia PageView Data - Working with this would take some advanced skills but this has a lot of potential
  • nGram Viewer - To explore Google Books, dataset is downloadable


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