Diversity and Identity in Media and Culture

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ERMeCC Research Theme

The growing international diffusion, exchange, and intermingling of cultural goods and media products is an evident manifestation of globalization in everyday life. The international flows of culture, news, and information, have intensified through satellite networks, digital technology, and the Internet - and the rise of multinational media conglomerates and cultural industries. Moreover, with these developments, international migration – one of the most omnipresent forms of globalization – has greatly enhanced cultural diversity and has led to an increased awareness of the "Other", as well as to diversity politics and the production of in- and exclusion.

Our research addresses the consequences of globalization, migration, and increased diversity for, processes, structures, products, and practices in the fields of media and culture. In what ways and to what extent does globalization alter the production, dissemination, content, and reception of various media and cultural products? How does it change the nature and impact of media and cultural policies and the role of national and local institutions in policy-making? And how does the globalization of media and culture affect the (re)construction of cultural and political identities at the transnational, the national, the local, and the individual level?

The research in this cluster is closely connected with current projects in the EUR-wide Vital Cities and Citizens research initiative.


ERMeCC researchers focus on the following subjects:

  • Diversity and social in/exclusion in (cultural) policy making, education, media, entertainment, and sports (Awad, Berkers, Berghman, Bisschop Boele, Van Campenhout, Hammana, Janssen, Klijnhout, Seijbel, Van Sterkenburg, Verboord)
  • Media, migration and refugees (Alencar, Li, Hofhuis)
  • Impact of globalization on production, dissemination and consumption of culture, media and art (Brandellero, Castro, Driessen, Janssen, Verboord, Vermeylen, Wayne, Weij
  • Representation of ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, gender and sexuality in media, culture and sports (Berkers, Boross, Van Campenhout, Krijnen, Schaap, Seijbel, Sommier, Van Sterkenburg)
  • Role of locality in cultural memory, heritage, and cultural identity (Brandellero, Driessen, Van der Hoeven, Janssen).
  • Intercultural competencies in education (Chaudhri, Hofhuis, Sommier, Wang).
  • Intercultural communication in organizations (Chaudhri, Hofhuis, Sommier, Wang)


Listed below is a selection of ERMeCC research projects in this area.

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