Journalism and the Tensions of Neoliberal Democracy

Chile is a society of contradictions. One of the most stable democracies and successful economies in Latin America, it is also an increasingly depoliticized and socially unequal society. This project deals with the understudied role of journalism in these contradictions. Specifically, it examines how the relationship between journalism and neoliberalism shapes (a) the specific professional practices of Chilean journalists; (b) the translation of these practices into news content; and (c) journalists’ relations with the public. Methodologically, the project relies on a multi-methodological and integrated approach: It combines ethnographic observation and in-depth interviews with journalists and the public, as well as discourse analysis of journalistic products.

The project aims at improving our understanding of democratization processes in transitional societies and expanding media studies beyond its traditional (Western) scope.


  • dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit

    The underlying concern of her teaching and research is an understanding of the conditions for democratic communication and social justice against a backdrop of…
    dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit

This project is funded by NWO


For more information about the funding, please see the NWO website.

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