ERMeCC Research Projects

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ERMeCC is home to various major research projects. For more information please go the the pages listed below.

Data-inspired creativity

Tonny Krijnen & Jay Lee

Digital Vigilantism in Russia

Rashid Gabdulhakov


Jason Pridmore, Vidhi Chaudhri, Marina Freire Machado, Yijing Wang

Construction (BIM)

Where music meets research

Developing a sustainable platform and agenda for pop music research

Performance during Music Talks (Photo: Tessa Smit)

Secure Hospitals

Jason Pridmore, Tessa Oomen

Secure Hospitals

POPLIVE - Staging popular music

Pauwke Berkers, Rick Everts, Erik Hitters, Arno van der Hoeven, Susanne Janssen, Martijn Mulder

Mapping Privacy and Surveillance Dynamics in Emerging Mobile Ecosystems

Jason Pridmore, Daniel Trottier, Anouk Mols

Nokia Phone How Else Can I Help

Privacy and the Global South

Payal Arora

Privacy and the Global South

Research Excellence Initiative

Jeroen Jansz, Stijn Reijnders, Kees Ribbens, Pieter van den Heede, Siri Driessen

Elvis has finally left

Julian Schaap

Digital Vigilantism

Daniel Trottier, Qian Huang, Rashid Gabdulhakov

Boundaries by Design

Laura Braden

Boundaries by Design - Joris Laarman chair

Persuasive Gaming in Context

Jeroen Jansz, Ruud Jacobs

Cultural Classification Systems in Transition

Susanne Janssen, Marc Verboord

Locating Imagination

Stijn Reijnders, Nicky van Es, Abby Waysdorf, Leonieke Bolderman

POPID - Popular Music Heritage, Cultural Memory and Cultural Identity

Susanne Janssen, Amanda Brandellero, Arno van der Hoeven, Simone Driessen

CICI: Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries

CICI: Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries

CICI Vasim Cultural Industries

Journalism and the Tensions of Neoliberal Democracy

Journalism and the Tensions of Neoliberal Democracy

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