ERMeCC PhD Research Projects

ERMeCC PhD Defence Drink

Below is an overview of all PhD projects currently being conducted at ERMeCC.

Current Projects

Urban Tourism: Towards Sustainable Development Models

Shirley Nieuwland

Imagining the Divided City

Emily Mannheimer

Engagement with cultural diversity in secondary education

Zouhair Hammana

Digital Vigilantism in Russia

Rashid Gabdulhakov

Film tourism in China

Min Xu

Reconcile or not? An empirical study on status and price within the contemporary art world

Simeng Chang

Touching war: Contemporary visits to twentieth-century war sites and cemeteries in Europe

Siri Driessen

Games set in war-devastated European (urban) landscapes

Pieter van den Heede

Locating Imagination

Nicky van Es, Leonieke Bolderman

Television culture and the myth of participation

Bal√°zs Boross

The making of the market for Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painting, 1886-2014

Liesbeth de Strooper

Geopolitics of artivism

Frank Weij

Empowering Citizens

Joyce Neys

Introducing Gig Community Identification: On the Psychological and Communicative Bond Among Gig Workers

Phuong Hoan Le

Guy on motorbike in sunlight

The recursive effect of communication on technological innovation and AI development practices

Tessa Oomen

Robot playing chess

Recently completed

Social media and its impact on college students' trust in China

Qiong Gong

Sensory Learning

Jaco van den Dool

Reshaping Authenticity

Niels van Poecke

Elvis has finally left

Julian Schaap

Regarding the pain of others

Johannes von Engelhardt

Persuasive Gaming in Context

Ruud Jacobs, PhD

The affordances of repackaged popular music from the past

Simone Driessen, PhD

Symbolic Struggles in Changing Cultural Hierarchies

Janna Michael, PhD

Citizen Engagement: Politics and Digital Media in Namibia

Sadrag Shihomeka

New Media and Health Communication: A cross-cultural perspective

Lei Yang

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