Full-professor in Economic History and International Relations

Hein Klemann

Hein A.M. Klemann (1957) is full-professor in economic history and international relations at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communications, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

As an economic historian specialized in German-Dutch economic relations he had to analyse the position of the Port of Rotterdam, the relation between the port and the German hinterland especially the Ruhr area and Rhine navigation. On these topics he did some research himself but in the first place organised research projects. In the first place there is the Project Outport and Hinterland. Rotterdam Business and the Ruhr, 1870-2000. Further there is a project on the expansion of the port after World War II, especially the Second Maasvlakte. Finally he organised since 2008 together with his staff and colleagues of the University of Frankfurt an annually Transnational Rhine Conference on the history of this river as a major European waterway. The 6th will be held next year in Rotterdam.

Major publications on these topics are:

  • With Ben Wubs, ‘River dependence: Creating a Transnational Rhine Economy, 1850-2000.’ In: J.-O. Hesse, et seq (Eds.), Perspectives on European Economic and Social History (Economic and Social History of Modern Europe, 1) (Baden-Baden 2014) 219-245.
  • With Joep Schenk, ‘Competition in the Rhine delta: waterways, railways and ports, 1870–1913.’ The Economic History Review 07/2013; 66(3) 826-847.
  • ‘The Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine, 1815-19143,’ ECHR working paper, 2013, 1.
  • ‘Competitiveness and German-Dutch Monetary Relations, 1871-1931.’ Vierteljahrsheft für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte, 100 (2), 2013,178-198.

Researcher profile

  • prof.dr. (Hein) HAM Klemann

    Hein Klemann is Professor of Social and Economic History at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. Current research (NWO-funded projects):…
    prof.dr. (Hein) HAM Klemann

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