At the moment this research program consists of four projects.

The Netherlands and Germany, 1870-2000: economic interdependence versus sovereignty, 1870-2000

Project leader: prof. Hein Klemann
Funded by the NWO

This program consists of three projects:

  • German economic and political unification and the Netherlands: the origin of economic interdependence and its political consequences around 1870 (prof. dr. Hein Klemann).
  • Dutch-German relations after the Great War: interwoven economies and political détente, 1918-1933 (drs. Jeroen Euwe, PhD student).
  • Dutch-German relations after the occupation: economic inevitability and political acceptance, 1945-1957 (drs. Martijn Lak, PhD student).

The Dutch Big Four and Germany: AKU, Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever and Philips, 1890-1960

Project leader: dr. Ben Wubs

EUR Fellowship project.
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Outport and Hinterland, Rotterdam Business and the Ruhr Industry, 1870-2000

Project leader: Prof. Hein Klemann and Dr Ben Wubs
Funded by the NWO.

The program consists of the three subprojects:

  • Coal, Iron Ore and Steel; Rotterdam Business and the German ‘Montan’ Industry, 1870-1940 (drs. Joep Schenk, PhD student).
  • Opting for Oil; Rotterdam’s Oil Harbour and the Move from Coal to Petrochemical Feedstock of the Rhine Industry, 1945-1970 (drs. Marten Boon, PhD student).
  • The Box and Rotterdam’s New Hinterland; The Rise of Container Transport and Globalisation, 1970-2000 (drs. Klára Paardenkooper, PhD student).

Transnational Rhine Network

Prof. Hein Klemann and dr. Ben Wubs took the initiative together with prof.dr. Werner Plumpe and dr. Ralf Banken of the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main to set up a Transnational Rhine Network.

The kick-off meeting was held from 12-14 November 2009 in Rotterdam.
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