Minor Mu$ic: The Economy, Sociology and Practice of Popular Music

Do you want to explore both classic and cutting-edge research on the economy and sociology of popular music, while simultaneously gaining practical insights into the popular music ecosystem? This is the ideal minor for students interested in pursuing a career in the popular music sector and/or students interested to add more music to their bachelor program.

The minor has a three-fold set-up:

In the first module (Popular Music: Industry and Society), students are introduced to the basics of the sociology and economy of popular music. We will study popular music’s role in societies from its beginnings in rag time and youth cultures to its contemporary position in 21st Century digital landscape, all the while keeping an eye on the developing business-side of the music industry – both at the level of musicians and global media companies. Overall, the goal of this module is to familiarize students with key insights from the economic and sociological study of popular music.

In the second module (Greatest Hits and Critics’ Picks), students will take a deep dive into research on popular music production, distribution, and reception. Each week, students will engage with a central theme, often guided by an invited speaker who has researched the topic. In interactive sessions, students will dissect the methodologies used to conduct this research and evaluate research insights. The overarching goal of this module is to prepare students to become popular music researchers themselves, either from an academic perspective or for practical professional purposes.

In the third module (The Shape of Popular Music to Come), students move their focus to the practical side of the popular music ecosystem. In a series of small-scale, interactive seminars, several invited sector professionals will share their knowledge and practical experience on identified key challenges for the future of the music ecosystem. By gaining a peek behind the curtain into the functioning of the popular music sector in the Netherlands and beyond, this module prepares students for a potential career in the popular music ecosystem.

More information:

If you’re interested to know more, feel free to contact Julian Schaap (ESHCC): j.schaap@eshcc.eur.nl


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