Clinical Electives

Interested students need to have completed at least four years of medical training. In general, only master students of Medicine from one of our partner universities can be placed for a clinical elective. 

Students from other universities
If your university does not have an official agreement with us, we will not be able to offer you an elective clerkship at this time.

Clinical electives for English-speaking students can last up to a maximum of 3-4 weeks per department with a maximum of three departments per student. For most clinical departments, however, fluency in Dutch is highly recommended and in most cases even required. Dutch-speaking students may be allowed to do a clinical internship from 4 up to 12 weeks, with a maximum of three departments per student.

Please keep in mind that if you do not speak Dutch, it will not always be possible to be placed at the following departments:

  • Cardiology;
  • Dermatology;
  • Otolaryngology;
  • Family Medicine;
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics;
  • Internal Medicine: Hematology and Internal Oncology;
  • Neurology;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Orthopedics;
  • Paediatrics;
  • Psychiatry;
  • Public Health.

If you speak English on a fairly good level all other departments are possible for max. 4 weeks, based on availability.
MRSA test
Please take into consideration that you will need to arrive at least five days prior to the start of your elective: a mandatory MRSA test is done here at our university. External MRSA tests will not be accepted.

Tuition fee
No tuition fees are charged.

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