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Erasmus MC offers a few scholarships/grants to prospective, international students. Tuition fee waivers, however, are not available. Read more about scholarships here.

The research master programmes Genomics in Society, Infection & Immunity and Molecular Medicine award Cum Laude (see Rules and Regulations Examinations Research Masters).

The research master programmes Health Sciences and Clinical Research and de post master Health Sciences (70 EC) award Cum Laude only to students who started their master before the study year 2021-2022. As of 2021-2022 a revised curriculum has started for both programmes without the option to award cum laude.

The research master programme Neuroscience awards Cum Laude only to students who started their master before the study year 2023-2024. As of 2023-2024 a revised curriculum has started for the programme without the option to award cum laude.

Detailed course descriptions exist for each master's programme. Current students can find these descriptions on educational platform, such as Canvas, SIN-online of an online student manual. The descriptions for the master programmes Health Sciences (research master and postmaster), Clinical Research, Infection & Immunity and Genomics in Society programs are found on Canvas. The course descriptions of the Molecular Medicine master's program are found on the online student manual and on SIN-online.

The Iudicium Abeundi refers to the termination of, or the refusal of enrollment as a student or as an external student at the educational institution on the grounds of conduct and/or statements that render him or her unsuitable for the practice of the profession for which the Program is training. Background and details on this procedure are given in the national Protocol Iudicium Abeundi. Read more over the procedure at Erasmus MC in de documents below (one in Dutch, one in English).

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