Organization structure

Management Team (D/MT)

Within EUR, one Dean is responsible for the management of a school. The Dean in his turn mandates the Director of Business Operations and the Director of Education for certain tasks. The management team congregates every two weeks. The tasks and authorities of the Dean and the management team have been stipulated in the Faculty Regulations.


The expertise regarding certain areas has been organised within three departments (which have been formed around the regular chairs):

The departments are managed by the Head of Department:

  • Prof. M. Grever (History)
  • Prof. F.R.R Vermeylen (Arts and Culture Studies)
  • Prof. S. Janssen (Media & Communication)

Examination Board

The Examination Board adopts rules for tests and exams and monitors the quality assurance for tests and exams. Furthermore, when it is necessary for a student, the Examination Board has the authority to determine an arrangement that differs from the teaching and examination regulations.

In addition the Examination Board is responsible for the implementation of the Colloquium Doctum, the appointment of examiners, the binding study advice and the admission to the Master's degree programmes.

Regular committees

Within the school, there are several advisory committees. The members of these committees are appointed by the Dean.

Integrity Coordinator

Every school has an Integrity Coordinator, who makes sure that the intregity code of the university is maintained.

Prof. Stijn Reijnders is currently the Integrity Coordinator of the ESHCC.