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International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

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Bachelor International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

Study programme

You have a passion for arts and culture. You might not be an artist yourself, but you want to know what's happening behind the scenes of the art sector and play an active role there.

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Why study this programme?

If you are curious about the arts, creative industries or economics; if you want to develop original and well-founded ideas about how to produce, sustain and disseminate culture; and if you are willing to share your knowledge and experience with your fellow international students, then the International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies is the programme for you. As an IBACS student, you approach art and culture from different angles, such as sociology and economy.

Why this study programme?

Career prospectives

Within the art and culture sector there is a growing need for academically trained experts. People equipped to analyze and explain complex problems and changes within the sector.

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Factsheet summary

Official CROHO name
Arts and Culture Studies
Programme name
International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies
Instruction language
3 years
Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam
Tuition fees (2019-2020)
  • €2.083 (Statutory fee)
  • €6.300 (Institutional fee: EEA/EU students)
  • €6.300 (Institutional fee: NON-EEA/EU students)
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