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International Bachelor History

In this bachelor you study modern history, to find answers to the societal questions that politics, the media and citizens are grappling with today.

How do games like Call of Duty perpetuate myths about the war, but also communicate historical content? Why did so many European countries become rich while African countries have remained poor? What is the influence of movies such as Schindler’s List and Inglorious Bastards on our historical thinking? And how is diversity within football teams partly due to the colonial past of the country?



    The best history bachelor in the Netherlands

    Students appreciate the competence of lecturers

    Rotterdam is an excellent choice if you want to study History. The bachelor programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam is one of the top 2 programmes in the Netherlands, according to Keuzegids 2021. Our students appreciate the content of the programme and the competence and guidance of our lecturers.

    5 reasons to choose the International Bachelor History!

    • Thanks to the small groups and the mentor system, you receive personal help with your studies;
    • You will combine theory and practice by doing an internship or going on an exchange;
    • You will share the classroom with students from all over the world;
    • The programme is oriented towards the labour market and has close ties with the corporate world;
    • The programme receives a high score in the annual National Student Survey;
    • The EUR offers a number of high-quality master’s programmes that complement the bachelor, including the Erasmus Mundus Programme GLOCAL.

    Connecting today with yesterday

    Focusing on themes lets you keep an eye on the big picture, which teaches you to establish links between historical and contemporary developments and learn not just to understand the past but also the issues facing society today. This is the ideal programme for you if your interest goes beyond history alone, if you are curious and want to learn how to connect yesterday with today.

    Why choose IB History? Cindy will tell you! 

    Studying History @ Erasmus University Rotterdam

    I preferred to do this study in English because it allows me to connect with students from many different places who, because of their various backgrounds, have different perspectives on history.
    I realized history did not always have to be about ancient Rome or Greece. It can also very well be about analyzing the reason why the West grew rich and the East did not, or how globalization came about.
    Historians might not build bridges, save people from a burning house, or harvest a field, but the historical knowledge they collect, upon closer inspection, seems essential to understand people, the society we came to live in, and our very own lives.

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