Electives Arts & Culture 2022-2023

Below is the list of Arts and Culture Studies courses available in 2022-2023.

Course offer

More information on the content of courses can be found by searching for a course on the basis of the course code (CCxxxx) in the Erasmus Course catalogue. Via these course descriptions you can also find the schedule of the lectures and (if applicable) tutorial or seminar groups and exams.

Term 1

Period (including exams): 5 September 2022 - 4 November 2022
Deadline registration: 10 August 2022.

  • History of Western Arts and Culture (CC1001)
    (Only for Codarts students)
  • Academic Skills (CC1008)
  • Cultural Heritage Studies (CC2043)
  • Popular Music: Industry & Society (CC2052)
  • Arts Education (CC2055)
  • Sustainability in the Visual Arts and Crafts (CC2054)

Term 2

Period (including exams): 7 November 2027 - 27 January 2023
Deadline registration: 10 August 2022

  • Consumption and Identity (CC2050)
  • Globalization, Culture and Place (CC2053)
  • Introduction to Social Science Methods (CC1016)
    (Only for Codarts students) 
  • Sociology of Arts and Culture (CC1003)
    (Only for Codarts students)

Term 3

Period (including exams): 30 January 2023 - 7 April 2023
Deadline registration: 10 December 2022

  • Introduction to Cultural Policy (CC1006)
    (Only for Codarts students)
  • Sociology, Culture and Modernity (CC2015)
  • Cultural Lifestyles and Participation (CC3072)
  • Future Scenarios for the Cultural Sector (CC3004)

Master elective course
Master elective course only available for Master Tourism and Culture students from the Radboud University:

  • Media Tourism (CC4015)

Term 4

Period (including exams): 10 April 2023 - 16 June 2023
Deadline registration: 10 December 2022

  • Cultural and Creative Industries (CC1022)


  • Timetable conflicts: make sure you check the timetable to see if the elective course does not have any overlap with the schedules of your other courses.
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam does not have an add/drop week. 
  • Courses will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis through the course registration form.
  • Priority will be given students from the ESHCC faculty (exchange) students.


Choose the option that applies to you and read more about the registration for the ESHCC's electives.

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