Programme overview

Global Markets, Local Creativities (GLOCAL)

Global Markets, Local Creativities (GLOCAL) is a 2-year full-time degree with seven pathways:

  • “Global History & Creative Industries” Study track A (Glasgow, Barcelona, Rotterdam)
  • “Global Markets & Development” Study track B (Glasgow, Barcelona, Göttingen)
  • “Sustainable Business Development” Study track C (Glasgow, Barcelona, Los Andes)
  • “Industrial Dynamics and Sustainability” Study track D (Glasgow, Barcelona, Kyoto)
  • “Institutional Change & Creative Industries” Study track E (Glasgow, Uppsala, Rotterdam)
  • “Global Political Economy” Study track F (Glasgow, Uppsala, Göttingen)
  • “Sustainability: Institutions & Management” Study track G (Glasgow, Uppsala, Los Andes)

Study tracks A, C, D, E and G are suitable for applicants with an academic background in History, Sociology, Political Science and International Relations, as well as applicants from an Arts and Humanities academic background (English Language, Literature, Anthropology, Languages etc.).

 Applicants who have previously studied Economics or Business/Management are also welcome to apply to these study tracks, so long as they can evidence some wider interest in the humanities.

 Study tracks B and F are suitable for applicants with an academic background in History, Economics, Business/Management, Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, or another Social Science.

 Other majors (such as Engineering, Sciences, Architecture etc.) will also be considered for entry into the programme and for the scholarship if they have a significant academic background in the targeted fields listed above. Please see the How to Apply section for more detailed information on acceptable academic backgrounds.

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