PAC Event 1 June 2018

On 1 June, the first PAC World Café on the Power of Storytelling took place. During this World Café, the various aspects of storytelling were explored, and the importance of it for the media, communication and business field. The distinguished speakers shared with our students how they use storytelling as a powerful way to inspire action. The event aimed at enhancing the link between our students and the experts in the work field.

Why storytelling?

Storytelling is an important principle to get a message across and to engage audience members, users, customers or citizens in different disciplines, such as in journalism, creative industries, media and marketing departments of organisations and brands. Since the adoption of the internet and social media, this concept seems to be more important than ever -- It is perceived as a powerful tool in our digital era to get the attention of people in a world of information overload.

The concept of storytelling has several layers: On the one hand, a story needs to be created and contains certain elements, such as characters, suspense, humour or visuals. On the other hand, storytelling can be perceived as an activity in which the story is shared with a specific audience, through one or more channels. The sender has a particular purpose in mind by telling the story, the receiver has motivations to pay attention to the story, and give his/her own interpretation – and maybe even contribute to it.

Impression PAC Event 1 June 2018

Thank you to all students and professionals who attended the first PAC event on the Power of Storytelling.

Video PAC World Cafe 1 June 2018