ESHCC represented at the Sport and Discrimination conference in London

ESHCC researchers at the Sport and Discrimination congress in London

On 17 June, PhD candidates from Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) Jasmin Seijbel (History department), Carmen Longas Luque and Arne van Lienden (Media and Communication department) presented their research at the international Sport and Discrimination Conference in London. Moreover, prof.dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg gave the opening key note address.

Jacco, Carmen and Arne mainly focused on their findings from the NWO-Vidi research project on discourses surrounding race and ethnicity in televised football in England, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. Jasmin focused on online expressions of anti-semitism amongst Dutch football fans.

The one-day event was held at the University of Sunderland’s London Campus and had a specific focus on the role of media and new media in sport related discrimination. The presentations featured senior academics, PhD candidates and postgraduates as well as practitioners and policy makers from a variety of backgrounds and specialisms. They addressed different social dimensions and how these impact on processes of social in -and exclusion in sport and sport media such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality and (dis)ability. For more information, please visit the website of Sunderland University.


"I very much enjoyed meeting other researchers working in the same field of research, especially after not being able to do so for two years because of the pandemic. It was also nice to hear their thoughts and valuable suggestions on my research."


“I had the honour of speaking at the Sport & Discrimination conference that took place in London on Friday June 17th. I presented my most recent research endeavor, in which I looked at the discourses surrounding race and ethnicity that young audiences of Polish televised football draw on. It was a great event, with many stimulating questions and discussions."


“During the conference in London I presented some of my work on online hate and antisemitic discourse on Twitter in the context of Dutch football. I enjoyed the conference and got some great questions from the audience.”


“It was really nice to be there in London with our small team of researchers from Rotterdam and have such informative interactions with our international colleagues on a variety of research aspects.”

PhD student

Jasmin Seijbel

PhD student

Carmen Longas Luque

PhD student

Arne van Lienden


Prof.dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg

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