(Uli) U Hahn, MSc

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

PhD candidate | Department of Arts and Culture Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Uli Hahn & Filip Vermeylen (2023) - Mirror or Hammer? News Media Coverage of Climate-Related Art
  • Uli Hahn (2023) - Audiences and their perception of climate-related art exhibitions
  • U (Uli) Hahn (2021) - Artworks addressing Sustainability
  • Uli Hahn (2021) - Artists on Climate Change
  • Uli Hahn & Filip Vermeylen (2020) - High Profile Artists, Museums and Exhibitions and their Ecological Messages

  • Uli Hahn (2023) - Synergy Award

Recognition in the Visual Arts

Year Level
BA-2, BA-2, BA-3, BA-3
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News regarding (Uli) U Hahn, MSc

Interview with Ulrike Hahn from ResearchIN’ Comics

PhD candidate Ulrike Hahn won the Synergy Award and is currently bringing her idea for research comics to life. She was interviewed by colleague Phuong Hoan Le.
Research IN' Comics

Ulrike Hahn wins NWO Synergy ’22 Award

Traditional academic publications are often read by a specific audience. How can they be made more widely available to society? Read more about Ulrike's idea,
Ulrike Hahn receiving the synergy award 2022

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