Academic integrity and Ethics Review Board

Within ESHCC, everyone involved in education and research is responsible for maintaining our research integrity. Compliance with the general principles of a professional scientific approach is required at all times. The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity elaborates these principles, which are also recognised by the EUR and apply as guidelines for the university.

    ESHCC Ethics Review Board

    The Ethics Review Board considers ethical questions connected with the specific nature of prospective research. The Board assesses proposals submitted by ESHCC researchers in the domains of Social Sciences and the Humanities. The Ethics Review Board is not responsible for checking on compliance with what has been agreed upon in the Ethics Review Procedure by way of the consent letter, except, in particular cases, for externally funded research.

    Please note, the ESHCC Ethics Review Board discourages (Re)MA-students to do research with vulnerable people. If they, after careful consideration, still want to do this type of research, they have to ask for consent of the Ethics Review Board following the same procedure as ESHCC researchers. We ask the supervisor to check the forms before they are submitted. The Ethics Review Board communicates with the supervisor.


    The following people have a seat on the Board:

    The position of Secretary of the Board is yet to be fulfilled.

      How to submit your application

      Please submit the following documents (versions June 2018) to You can download the templates below. 

      • Checklist Ethics Review (questionnaire) - mandatory for all ESHCC researchers (There is a FAQ Ethics Review available, but this FAQ can only be accessed through MyEUR, since it contains texts derived from research proposals)
      • Data Management plan – mandatory for all ESHCC researchers (The Data management FAQ can be downloaded below. For individual advice on your Data Management Plan, please see the website of the Erasmus Data Service Centre)
      • Informed consent form - there is an ESHCC template available, which you can download below

      Submission dates

      As of September 2018, the ESHCC Ethics Review Board will work with submission dates:

      • The first of each month, or when the first of the month falls in a weekend, the Monday after this weekend. 
      • No Submissions will be reviewed in July and August*.

      * If you need an application checked in this period, please inform the Board well in advance, so a solution can be sought. 

      Time Path:

      • Within two weeks after submission, the reviewers respond to the applications;
      • The applicants is expected to respond to the advice within one week. 
      • The results will be communicated to the applicant in the week that follows the response. 

      Please note: this time path may be subject to change when an agreement cannot be reached easily. 


      The Board judges the submission (i.e. approves or rejects them) using an assessment form. When starting an employment relation with EUR, employees confirm that they will act in compliance with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice 2014. After a submission has been approved by the Ethics Review Board, the responsibility of the individual researcher for the work transfers to the faculty, provided that the researcher follows the procedures based on which the consent was provided.

      The assessment form incorporates key attributes of the social sciences and the humanities that may influence ethical issues (underlying ethical principles; methodology; participants; participant consent; protection of personal data and privacy). The assessment considers a number of research project phases (ranging from the research plan to the dissemination of the results) as well as the manner in which ethical questions are converted into procedures and instruments. Whenever the Ethics Review Board withholds its approval for a submission, it indicates what changes are required to secure the Board's approval in the future. 

      Relevant documents

      For sharing data safely the EUR provides two services: SURFdrive and SURFfilesender. SURFdrive is the safe Dropbox. SURFfilesender is the safe WeTransfer.