Research areas

Researchers at ERMeCHS are dedicated to carrying out interdisciplinary high-profile research projects in five strategic research areas: Globalization of Culture and Society, Mediatization and Digitalization, Innovation in Cultural and Creative Industries, Sustainability in Culture and Societies and Diversity and Inclusion.

  • EIT Culture & Creativity
    Globalization of Culture and Society
    Globalization has brought people and societies across the world closer together. At ERMeCHS we focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of globalization
  • Picture of a modern city
    Mediatization and Digitalization
    In our contemporary globalized society, the media holds a central position across numerous aspects of daily life. ERMeCHS seeks to extend knowledge on mediated communication and its cultural and historical dimensions.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    Diversity and Inclusion
    Diversity and inclusion are central themes in our research agenda, covering topics like citizenship, racism, migration, and economic inequality. We see a recognition of the importance of addressing and researching these issues.
  • Creative studio with bright colors on the wall
    Innovation in Cultural and Creative Industries
    ERMeCHS is a prominent hub of knowledge in the study of cultural and creative industries. Our expertise encompasses art worlds, cultural heritage, media, creative industries, cultural economics, and entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainability in Culture and Societies
    Sustainability in Culture and Societies
    ERMeCHS aims to make a pivotal and distinct contribution to these discussions by incorporating a cultural and historical viewpoint into the discourse on sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals.

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