Introducing Gig Community Identification

Phuong Hoan Le
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Introducing Gig Community Identification: On the Psychological and Communicative Bond Among Gig Workers

Gig workers have been growing exponentially in number and diversity, but little is known about their experience of belongingness and oneness at work. Gig work is done independently and remotely and is characterized by high levels of job insecurity and a lack of organizational support and of cues of organizational identity/membership. It hence puts into question whether, how, and to what extent conventional understandings of social identification are transferable to the gig economy.

In this research project, I contend that gig worker communities can form an important locus for identification. This particular sense of group membership, oneness, and belongingness is researched using social identity and social constructionist approaches, and this led to the introduction of 'gig community identification' (GCID) as a cognitive and communicative concept. 

Phuong Hoan Le

PhD Candidate

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