University of Macedonia

The University of Macedonia (UoM), which is located in Thessaloniki, concentrates on economics and other social sciences. It has a strong academic reputation within Greece and is seeking to develop an international record in economic research.


Owen O’Donnell (
Owen O’Donnell is Associate Professor at the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriential Studies (UoM) and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Health Economics and Management, University of Lausanne. Dr O’Donnell has a PhD in Economics (University of York, UK). He is a Visiting Fellow of Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL), a Research Fellow of NETSPAR and a Research Affiliate of the Health, Econometrics and Data Group at the University of York. He is co-organiser of the European Workshops on Econometrics and Health Economics and an Associate Editor of Health Economics. He has acted as a consultant to the World Bank and UNICEF and co-directed (with Eddy van Doorslaer) the EU funded EQUITAP projects on equity in the finance and provision of health care in Asia. Besides this work on health equity, his research has focused on the interactions between health, employment and income. He has published in the Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Demography and The Lancet, among others.

Selected publications:

E.Van de Poel, O. O’Donnell and E. van Doorslaer, What explains the rural-urban gap in infant mortality – household or community characteristics?  Demography, 2009, 46(3).

O’Donnell, A. Lopez-Nicolas and E. van Doorslaer, Growing richer and taller: Explaining change in the distribution of child height during Vietnam’s economic boom. Journal of Development Economics, January 2009, 88(1): 45-58.

G. Flores, J. Krishnakumar, O. O’Donnell and E. van Doorslaer, Coping with health care costs: Implications for the measurement of catastrophic expenditures and poverty. Health Economics, December 2008, 17(12): 1393-1412.

O'Donnell, O., et al Who pays for health care in Asia? Journal of Health Economics, March 2008, 27(2): 460-475.

O'Donnell, O., et al, The incidence of public spending on health care: comparative evidence from Asia, World Bank Economic Review, 2007, 21 (1): 93-123.