Bicycle parks

On Woudestein campus, bicycles and mopeds can be parked near virtually all buildings, where you will find bicycle racks as well as public and secure bicycle parks. Bicycles and mopeds must be parked in the designated areas. All bicycle parking facilities are accessible 24/7.

Location and opening hours bicycle parks

Bicycles may be parked for free in the public bicycle parks listed:

  • In the Mandeville Building's car park
  • On 2 locations between Buildings Mandeville and Sanders (Tinbergen Plaza).
  • In front of Building Van der Goot
  • Near several other buildings such as the Sports Building or Building F.

Parking mopeds & scooters

Parking mopeds and scooters must be done in the designated areas. Whenever it will not cause any nuisance, they may be parked to the side of the bicycle parking facilities.

Charging points E-bikes and E-scooters

There are charging points and parking facilities for electric bikes and scooters in the bicycle park underneath K.P. van der Mandele Square.

Please note: EUR cannot be held liable for theft of or damage to bikes.
For safety reasons, bicycles or mopeds must not be parked inside buildings.

Regulations: don't get tied down!

Woudestein campus has a number of specific rules concerning the parking of bicycles and mopeds. Bicycles or mopeds on Woudestein must be parked in the designated bicycle racks or bicycle parks. If they are found outside of these designated areas, they may be chained up. Security Services ensure these parking regulations are observed. Security Services may chain up or remove any mopeds or bikes found outside of the designated areas. 

Bicycles and mopeds are chained up if they are

  • obstructing entrances or exits
  • in areas where they may cause danger or nuisance.

If not claimed within 14 days, bicycles and mopeds are regarded as abandoned goods and as such may be handed over to the police.

Whenever chaining up a bicycle or moped, Security Services will attach a notice to the vehicle in question. The chain will be removed upon payment of € 7.50, payable at the Security lodge (building W) near the main entrance, phone (010) 40 81035.