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Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) is a leader in education and research in the field of health policy and management in the Netherlands and far beyond.

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Social Safety

At ESHPM we want students and employees to feel safe during their studies and their work.

Out-of-pocket payments for nursing home residents

How the design of out-of-pocket payments for nursing home care can contribute, building on a study looking at a Dutch reform.
Conferentie Een nieuwe generatie ouderen, Langer Thuis

"Our actions must have meaning for society. That's what I find beautiful about Medical Delta."

How do you ensure that people with chronic conditions continue to participate in society? What can be done to keep healthcare professionals vital?

Does the neighbourhood match the needs of Surinamese elderly people?

Warsha Jagroep spoke to Surinamese elderly about their neighbourhood for her dissertation. How can the neighbourhood contribute to their well-being?
Three Surinamese elderly people sit in a circle on the street chatting to each other.

A new era of Global Health research and teaching at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

Matthias Rieger will join ESHPM as Theme Chair Global Health. He will develop the new “Global Health Theme” together with Igna Bonfrer, Director of RGHI.
Hoe bepaal je de waarde van e-health?

PDPC publishes knowledge agenda for health systems resilience research

The knowledge agenda for research on resilient health systems brings together the key policy and science questions for a resilient Dutch healthcare system.

'Developing and implementing alternative payment models: doing, learning, and evaluating'

The research resulted in fourteen themes providing insight into how and why various contextual factors complicate or facilitate the development.

Limited commercial value diminishes the likelihood of structural implementation of healthcare innovations

Innovation is often cited as one of the potential solutions to address challenges in healthcare. However, often it struggles to flourish.

Students seek solutions to real Rotterdam problems

Public Health students go beyond textbooks and lecture halls. They venture into Rotterdam-Zuid for real experiences and collaboration with residents.
Maashaven Rotterdam-Zuid

Medical Delta Appoints Two Medical Delta Lecturers Alongside Professors

The appointments underscores the collaboration of the affiliated universities and colleges within Medical Delta in the fields of innovation and health.

Global Health researchers shine at Start of the Year Event

On the 12th of September more than 50 Global Health researchers from across the EUR gathered to learn and exchange about their latest research and teaching.
PhD student Amalia Hasnida presenting her work to jury member Zemzem Shigute Shuka and others

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