Even after your degree or PhD, the door is always open for you
Standbeeld Erasmus

The alumni community of our faculty consists of over 5,000 former students and PhD graduates. Some stay in touch with faculty, researchers, staff and fellow students for years after graduation or PhD – and some even become colleagues. As a graduate or former PhD student of ESHPM, you automatically become an alumnus of our faculty.

Post-academic programmes

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Our bond with you lasts a lifetime. That's why we like to keep you  in the loop about news, events and developments at the faculty and university. We look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn and/or meeting you at one of our events.


Do you have a question or suggestion? Please contact us at After you graduate, your last known information will be stored in a central database. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date.

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In conversation with... Kadek Hendra Darmawan

In every newsletter we speak with an alumnus about their time at ESHPM and where they are now. This time we spoke with Kadek Hendra Darmawan.
Kadek looks happy with his diploma, standing in front of the Erasmus statue on campus

Third alumni dinner a vibrant success

On Tuesday 23 May the third edition of the ESHPM & ESHPMa alumni dinner took place. Throughout the evening, we were treated to a lecture and an exciting quiz

Students inspired by alumni

On 18 April the event Beyond Your Degree: Students Meet Alumni took place. The event was designed to offer students inspiration about their options beyond ESHPM

ESHPM needs you!

Alumni can be a valuable addition to students - either as part of the curriculum or outside of it. Would you like to contribute?

ESHPM to develop multi-annual investment agenda

ESHPM has received additional and structural funding that offers the opportunity to develop an investment agenda, based on four research themes.

In conversation with... Lisanne Brenkman

In every newsletter with speak with an alumnus about their time at ESHPM and where they are now. This time we spoke with Lisanne Brenkman.

Plans for alumni activities in 2023

The past year we've organised several activities for alumni. Something we plan to continue in 2023! We tease some of our plans in this piece.

In conversation with... Susanne Cornelis-Klitsie

In every newsletter we speak with an alumnus about his/her time at ESHPM and where they are now. This time we spoke with Susanne Cornelis-Klitsie.

Support the ESHPM faculty fund

Since this year, ESHPM has set up a faculty fund that is managed by the Erasmus Trust Fund. This fund supports, amongst others, research projects.

Second anniversary symposium looks at policy in regards to sustainable healthcare

On 13 October 2022 ESHPM's second anniversary symposium took place. In this article we look back on this special event.

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