Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the faculty's participation body with advisory and consenting powers with respect to the faculty, education and examination regulations. The faculty regulations govern the management and organization of the faculty. Among other things, it contains a collective right of complaint for students. The staff members of the Faculty Council acts as a co-determination body, comparable to the works council in the business world. The student members of the Faculty Council are directly elected each year by and from the students enrolled in a program belonging to the faculty. In principle, the term of office of student members of the Faculty Council is one year.

The Council can provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the Dean, and also has the right of consent on various matters affecting the Faculty in general or in particular, as stipulated by law and in the Management Instruction Erasmus School of Law 2021.


The Faculty Council consists of ten members. Four members of these are elected by and from the academic staff of the Faculty, from different sections, and one member is elected by and from the support and management staff of the Faculty. In addition, five members are elected by and from students of the faculty. The council is supported by an official secretary.

  • Mr. dr. drs. L. (Liselotte) Postma
  • Dr. M.L. (Martijn) Schippers LL.M
  • Prof. dr. R. (RenĂ©) Repasi
  • Mr. S.C. (Sascha) Bambach
  • M.H. (Mieke) Kox, MA
  • A. (Aylin) Alici
  • F. (Friso) Roos
  • L. (Luca) de Jong
  • L. (Lano) Mohealden

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