Practical matters

Student Information Centre

Do you have any questions about your study programme or about regulations relevant to your programme? Are you in need of some specific advice concerning your studies? The Student Information Centre can help you with all of your questions.

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Study Advisers

The study advisers are the first point of contact for students of all programmes. They offer advice and guidance to students with all kinds of study-related questions. Erasmus School of Law currently has the following study advisers: Ms C.A. Dubbeldam (LLM), Ms R.K. Erkel (LLM), Ms J.S.P. Westercappel (LLM), Mr H.C. van Meijgaarden, Ms M.S. Pel (LLM),   Ms I. Gielen-Willegers (LLM) and Ms Malou van den Houdt.

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Study coaches

Are you struggling to improve your study skills and seeking support? Schedule an appointment with one of our expert study coaches, who can assist you with effective study methods and overcoming obstacles.  

Together, we ensure that you can bring out the best in yourself and succeed in your studies! 

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Examination board

You can contact the examination board for matters relating to:

  • Exemption requests;
  • Requests regarding extra facilities for students with functional impairment;
  • Requests regarding interim examinations;
  • Requests regarding master exams made ‘at own risks’;
  • Requests regarding exceptions for transition regulations;
  • Requests for a dispensation of the maximum number of resits;
  • Permission to take courses outside of Erasmus School of Law

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