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Will new staff screening keep drug criminals out of our port?

Lieselot Bisschop, Professor of Public and Private Interests at Erasmus School of Law, explains the plans for a new certificate of conduct in the port.
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How the urge for security endangers the right to demonstrate

Investico publishes an investigation into the entrapment of the right to protest, and Marc Schuilenburg shines a light on the (worrying) insights.

How can we better protect our journalists against aggression and violence?

Researchers of Erasmus School of Law are publishing a comprehensive study on violence and aggression against journalists.

Researchers make successful recommendations on the reintegration of life prisoners

The minister for Legal Protection largely adopts the advice of researchers of Erasmus School of Law on the reintegration of people serving a life sentence.

Unique conviction of GGZ Eindhoven wrongful death of 29-year-old patient sends strong message

Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law, talks about the importance of this conviction.

A knife ban is not enough to combat armed violence among youngsters

Frank Weerman, Professor of Youth Criminology, gives his views on a knife ban in the fight against armed violence among minors.
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Progress in prosecution The Voice of Holland abuses

Joost Nan, Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law, highlights the abuses at The Voice of Holland and the prosecution of sexual offences. 

Crossing continents for a Masters in law, thanks to a scholarship from the Erasmus Trust Fund

Vanessa Nethania Parka will never forget the day she found out she had been awarded a fully funded scholarship for a Masters at Erasmus School of Law.
Vanessa Nethania Parka 1

NWO grant for Erasmus School of Law project FORT-PORT to tackle subversive crime in the port of Rotterdam

FORT-PORT aims to provide insights into how criminal organisations operate in and around the port of Rotterdam, to strengthen the fight against subversive crime

How Aletta Jacobs’ role in women’s emancipation is related to Tax Law

In a podcast episode, Sigrid Hemels, Professor of Tax Law at Erasmus School of Law, reflects on Aletta Jacobs’ fight for women’s suffrage.

Conference on Law, AI, and Regulation - LAIR

LAIR is an international academic conference with a preference for interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to ‘Law, AI, and Regulation’, spanning over two

Conference - Compliance, enforcement and administrative cooperation in the VAT world of the future - 23 June 2023

This year Erasmus University has the honour to organise the EANOVAT conference, which will be held on 23 June 2023, dedicated to the topic: 'Compliance,
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