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IMARC recognised as Erasmus Mundus Joint Master

This award, granted by the European Commission, is a prestigious recognition of top quality and affirms the excellent reputation of IMARC.

From innovative solutions to persistent criminology issues: Common Study Sessions 2024

In May, eager IMARC students from Erasmus School of Law attended the Common Study Sessions for Critical Criminology, Alex Kuzima reflects on the gathering.
Deelnemers Common Study Sessions 2024

Long waiting lists for mental health services: Are health insurers failing their duty of care?

In this article, Martin Buijsen discusses the long waiting times for mental health services and the duty of care that health insurers have to provide this care.
Martin Buijsen

Limited capacity and increase in healthcare fraud: Buijsen calls for structural approach

Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law, explains his concerns and insights on tackling healthcare fraud in the Netherlands.
Martin Buijsen

Arnoud Pijls appointed as Professor of European and Comparative Financial Law at Radboud University

This article is about Arnoud Pijls' appointment as Professor of European and Comparative Financial Law at Radboud University.
Arnoud Pijls

Alumnus Vincent Karremans sworn in as State Secretary for Youth, Prevention and Sport

Vincent Karremans is Alumnus of both Erasmus School of Economics and Erasmus School of Law
ESE - Vincent Karremans

Researchers: introduction of planning gain levy is feasible and encourages housing development

Arjen Schep and Robert Kastelein researched the introduction of a planning gain levy and land tax to stimulate housing construction.
Robert Kastelein en Arjen Schep

'The legal net is starting to close around companies'

Increasingly, international guidelines are laying down expectations for companies to prevent adverse impacts on human rights and the environment in their global
Liesbeth Enneking

Pandemic treaty: "We saw with the COVID-19 pandemic that every country was working for itself, which did not keep the pandemic out"

A global pandemic treaty is being developed. André den Exter explains what such a treaty entails and whether it will be effective.
André den Exter

Timo Peeters wins Willem Nagel Prize 2024 with PhD dissertation on social order and violence in Guatemala City

In this article you will read about Timo Peeters who won the Willem Nagelprijs 2024 with his dissertation on social order and violence in Guatemala City.
Peeters ontvangt de prijs van Schuilenburg.

The Emancipatory Power of the Body in Everyday Life

A panel discussion about emancipation, embodiment, and the everydayness of politics through philosophical, legal and activist perspectives.
The Emancipatory Power of the Body in Everyday Life

The Digital and Green Transitions: Twins in Tension

Digitalisation and climate change have sparked, on their own, two enormously disruptive processes: the digital and the green transitions, often referred to as
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ELS Academy Research School: Annual Event 2024

The ELS Academy and the Erasmus Centre for Empirical Legal Studies are pleased to host the ELS Academy Research School Annual Event on 10-11 October 2024!
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