Management Board for Education

The Management Board for Education is responsible for coordinating and integration of decisions regarding our educational programmes made by the Board of Erasmus School of Law. Furthermore, the Board for Education formulates the long-term vision on education, monitor the quality and returns of our programmes.

Current members

  • Professor W.S.R. (Suzan) Stoter (chairman), Dean Erasmus School of Law

  • Dr R. (Rudolph) Ladan (secretary), Manager Department of Education

  • Professor (Ruben) Houweling, Director of Bachelor’s on Law

  • M.A. (Maarten) Verbrugh LL.M., Director of the Master programmes (except Tax Law and Criminology)

  • Dr M.F. (Maarten) de Wilde, Director of the bachelor’s on Tax Law

  • Dr E. (Eva) Eijkelenboom, opleidingsdirecteur Fiscaal recht master

  • , Director of the Master’s on Tax Law

  • Dr J.T.M. (Willem-Jan) Verhoeven, Director of the bachelor’s on Criminology

  • Professor R. (René) van Swaaningen, Director on the master’s on Criminology

  • B.J.M. (Barend) Hulsebosch, Student Board Member

  • M.A. (Maarten) Nieuwenhuijsen, Student Board Member