• Professor J.E.M. Akveld

    Field of Expertise: Corporate law in health care 

  • Professor H.P.A.M. van Arendonk

    Field of Expertise: Tax law

  • Prof. Beckman

    Professor H. Beckman

    Field of Expertise: Law on Annual Accounting

  • Prof. Buningh

    Professor C.A. Buningh

    Field of Expertise: Business economics, in particular financial policy

  • Professor Henk van de Bunt

    Field of Expertise: Criminology

  • Prof. De Doelder

    Professor H. de Doelder

    Field of Expertise: Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law

  • Prof. van Dunné

    Professor J.M. van Dunné

    Field of Expertise: Contract and Tort Law and Jurisprudence

    Curriculum Vitae

  • Prof. Foque

    Professor R.M.G.E. Foqué

    Field of Expertise: Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory

  • Prof. mr. C. Gutter

    Professor C. Gutter

    Field of Expertise: Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law

  • Prof. Haak

    Professor K.F. Haak

    Field of Expertise: Civil law, Commercial law and Civil procedural law

  • Prof. Huls

    Professor N.J.H. Huls

    Field of Expertise: Sociology of Law

  • Prof. Ko Swan Sik

    Professor Ko Swan Sik

    Field of Expertise: International Public Law

  • Professor Kogels

    Professor H.A. Kogels

    Field of Expertise: Tax Law

  • Professor B.H. ter Kuile

    Field of Expertise: European Institutional Law

  • Prof. Mentink

    Professor D. Mentink

    Field of Expertise: Constitutional law

  • Prof. De Mulder

    Professor R.V. De Mulder

    Field of Expertise: Informatica and Law

  • Prof. Ogus

    Professor A.I. Ogus

    Field of Expertise: Fundamentals of Private Law

  • Professor G. Overkleeft Verburg

    Professor G. Overkleeft Verburg

    Field of Expertise: Public Law

  • Professor A.E. Örücü

    Professor A.E. Örücü

    Field of Expertise: Comparison of law

  • Professor  L.J.J. Rogier

    Professor  L.J.J. Rogier

    Field of Expertise: Constitutional and Administrative Law

  • Professor J.H Wansink

    Professor J.H Wansink

    Field of Expertise: Insurance Law

  • Professor L.C. Winkel

    Professor L.C. Winkel

    Field of Expertise: History of Law

  • Professor A.C. Zijderveld

    Professor A.C. Zijderveld

    Field of Expertise: Cultural sociology

  • Professor J.W. de Zwaan

    Professor J.W. de Zwaan

    Field of Expertise: European Union Law