Researcher profiles

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  • (Georgia) G Antonopoulou

    (Georgia) G Antonopoulou

  • (Alexandre) APGCF Biard

    (Alexandre) APGCF Biard

  • mr. (Emma) EM van Gelder

    mr. (Emma) EM van Gelder

  • dr. (Jos) J Hoevenaars

    dr. (Jos) J Hoevenaars

  • mr.dr. (Pim) P Jansen

    mr.dr. (Pim) P Jansen

  • dr. (Betül) B Kas LL.M

    dr. (Betül) B Kas LL.M

    Betül Kas joined the Erasmus Law School in January 2020. She is post-doc researcher in the ERC Consolidator Project "Building EU civil justice: challenges of…
  • (Marta) MK Kolacz

    (Marta) MK Kolacz

  • (Xandra) XE Kramer (Xandra) XE Kramer

    Xandra Kramer is professor of Private Law at Erasmus School of Law. She combines this position with a parttime (0,2) professorship in Private International Law…
  • dr. (Alina) EA Ontanu

    dr. (Alina) EA Ontanu

    Elena Alina Ontanu is an Assistant professor of Private International Law and collaborates with the Legal Informatics and Justice Systems Research Institute,…
  • prof.dr. (Eric) EGC Rassin

    prof.dr. (Eric) EGC Rassin

    Eric Rassin (1969) is Endowed Professor of Legal Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Prof. mr…