Cheyenne Kooijman

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. - Salvador Dali

Cheyenne Kooijman

Programme coordinator MyFuture

Create your own Future.

Recently a lawyer said to one of our teachers: "Not only do our trainees must have academic knowledge and skills, but also a certain personality". As an alumna and employee of Erasmus School of Law, I find this understandable, and I hear this more and more. No matter what job you will have, it is essential to be confident, to be able to take criticism, to stay committed and to keep calm in stressful times. Not everyone has these skills naturally. We all have a different personality. And that's a good thing. So, in addition to getting your diploma, you also have another challenge. The good news is: MyFuture will help you with that!

The MyFuture program is an excellent side dish to the Erasmus School of Law curriculum. While MyFuture in the master focuses on the approaching step to the labour market, the program in the bachelor focuses on your personal growth. You start by setting some personal goals. What do you want to achieve this academic year? To pass all exams of course, but you may have more specific ambitions. Rest assured, you will not be judged by it. The academic journey is full of side roads and unexpected encounters. You might even discover new passions, ambitions or surprising talents. That would be excellent!

It is good to have some direction in life. Or, as the former top football player Johan Cruijff said: "Make sure you always have a plan; otherwise you cannot deviate from anything". Dreams are not one size fits all. Your goals in life, in your education and your career, can differ enormously from the people around you. And that's good. Dreams are personal. Ambition is personal. MyFuture helps you to tailor your journey and destination.

By participating in the workshops, you will have more success in your studies, the step to the labour market will be more comfortable, and you will be more successful in your (future) job. MyFuture helps you to grow both personally as well as intellectually. These skills will come in handy both during your studies and in your step to the job market.

If I may give you one tip, I would say: drop by and join one of our workshops or programs. Invest only a few hours in yourself and notice the difference yourself.

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