Leon Goh

Rotterdam is such an eclectic and international city, there truly is something for everyone.

Leon Goh

Master student Maritime & Transport Law 2020-2021

My name is Leon Goh, and I am from Singapore. After spending the first three years of my bachelors at the National University of Singapore, I was given the opportunity to pursue a masters in Maritime and Transport Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam  as part of the Exchange plus programme between the two universities. The choice of maritime law was an easy one as the international nature of shipping has always appealed to me.   

One noteworthy advantage of the exchange plus programme is the fact that the two institutions are in two different legal systems. This affords students the opportunity to consider any given area of law from two different perspectives. In my case, I was able to immerse myself in shipping law and experience it from both the common law and civil law perspective. In addition, as a bonus, both Singapore and Rotterdam are important port cities. Furthermore, owing to the international nature of the classroom which is made up of people hailing from a multitude of jurisdictions, every student brings something new to the discussion.     

Another reason why I decided to pursue not only a masters at Erasmus University Rotterdam, but a maritime law masters, is undoubtably its location. As the largest port in Europe, there is an entire maritime ecosystem here. The curriculum at Erasmus University Rotterdam leverages this major boon and this adds a practical dimension to our studies. As students, we get to experience a wide range of activities from company visits to interactions with real-life practitioners from companies like Van Traa and Boskalis.  

However, the life of a master student is more than just the classroom. Aside from academics, life in Rotterdam certainly did not disappoint. Rotterdam is such an eclectic and international city, there truly is something for everyone. Whether it is experiencing new cultures, meeting other people from around the globe or taking in the new sights and sounds, life in Rotterdam is rarely a dull moment.

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