Valeria Boukoumani

All things are possible to those who believe!

Valeria Boukoumani

LL.M. student Maritime and Transport Law 2016-2017

My name is Valeria, I come from Greece, and I am an attorney-at-law in the Athens Bar Association. Before coming to the Netherlands, I had gained my Bachelor’s degree in Law from Democritus University of Thrace as well as an M.Sc. in Banking and Finance Law from the University of Piraeus. 

After my graduation, I was privileged to work for one of the leading Greek law firms in the fields of Banking Law, Commercial Law, and Capital Markets Regulation. It was a unique experience because of the cooperation with experienced, prominent legal professionals, and the chance to work on large-scale, complex cases and with high net-worth individuals.  I expected that my enrollment in the LL.M. Maritime and Transport Law would be a gateway to a challenging future, where I would be called upon to employ the sum of my abilities and knowledge, to fulfill my professional vision, and to meet inspiring multicultural fellow students in order to share common interests and experiences. My expectations have been met in every respect.

I chose Erasmus School of Law because of the strength of its comprehensive curriculum and courses, such as Transport Law, Marine Insurance, and Law of the Ship, which provide extensive knowledge in the field of Maritime and Transport Law, and address my core interests as well. Furthermore, the facilities of the school, the high level of competition, the thorough knowledge and expertise of the professors – as well as the abundance of job opportunities after completion of the programme – are the key elements for a successful choice of a Master’s programme that would lead to my professional actualisation. 

My role at the Erasmus School of Law is double; as well as being a student, I am a board member of the Trade and Transport Law Association (TTLA) as the Commissioner of External Affairs. The TTLA’s main purpose is to represent, support, and connect. It is the face for all Commercial Law students, in all possible internal and external matters.  This organisation supports students mainly by preparing them for the job market through posting vacancies and hosting professional-oriented workshops, introducing students to various possible career paths, and connecting students with each other through social activities.

I was raised in an environment of over-achievers who instilled in me the belief that with hard work, persistence, and patience I could achieve any goal I had in mind. I am in the middle of this wonderful journey, and notwithstanding the difficulties and the rigorous pace that I have to follow, I always keep this thought in mind: All things are possible to those who believe!

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