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  • The muddiest point

    Help your students pinpoint which lecture content is not yet clear to them. 

    Drawing of students trying to identify what part of the subject matter they not yet understand
  • Quizzing

    Welcome to the lecture quiz. The quiz that enables your students to find out what they do and do not know.  And you too, as quizmaster!

    Illustration of two hands holding different answers on a piece of paper.
  • Peer review

    Students give each other feedback and double their learning!

    Drawing showing two students reviewing each others' work
  • Your teaching activity here!

    Do you like experimenting with teaching methods? Please share these on TeachEUR.

    Illustration of someone who gets dragged into a computer
  • (Online) Discussion

    Knowledge makes an impact if you know how to use it. Challenge students to a serious discussion that they’ll not be quick to forget!

  • Think - Pair - Share

    Students discuss a question or assignment in pairs and explain this in a plenary session. Let's think - pair - share!

    Drawing of students working in pairs to discuss subject matter
  • No screens allowed

    Laptops stay closed and you teach students how to take structured, handwritten notes.

    Drawing of a closed laptop and a pair of hands holding a pen
  • Listen, stop, compare

    A simple activity that ensures that your students are in active listening mode during your lecture. 

    An English translation of this activity will be added within 2 weeks
  • Video roleplay

    Role play is often (a bit too) exciting for students. By working in pairs, having them record and evaluate their own role play you lower the treshold for this exercise.

    Illustration of someone in a video call
  • Finish the sentence

    A quick and simple activity to engage students and gather input at the same time. 

    Illustration of a teaching session
  • Jigsaw

    Make every student the expert you need to complete the jigsaw puzzle

    Drawing of students each with a piece of a puzzle in their minds, discussing how to put it together
  • Synthesize it

    Have students learn by exchanging the subject matter.