Aflevering 2: Dr. Silvan Licher - ErasmusArts2030

**Deze aflevering is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels**


Guest of this episode is Dr. Silvan Licher, Clinical epidemiologist and researching 'multimorbidity'. If someone has several permanent illnesses at the same time, we use a difficult word of 'multimorbidity'. For his new study, Licher is studying the medical records of nearly eight thousand people from the Rotterdam district of Ommoord. They have been participating in ERGO, a large population survey of Erasmus MC, since 1989. This makes it easy to see when and in what order they became ill. Dr. Silvan Licher is therefore a scientist who strongly involves patients in his own research. He is also involved in the development of ErasmusArts2030 at the Erasmus Medical Center. With ErasmusArts2030 we want to adapt the curricula and educate the students in a broader way that also enables their societal engagement and prepares them for technological advancements.

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