Examination Board

The Erasmus MC Examination Board has been established for students enrolled in

  • The bachelor program Medicine
  • The master program Medicine
  • The research master program Health Sciences
  • The research master program Clinical Research
  • The research master program Infection & Immunity
  • The research master program Molecular Medicine
  • The research master program Neuroscience
  • The research master program Genomics in Society 
  • The post-initial master program Health Sciences
  • The pre-master program Medicine

Or for students taking part of one of these programs.

Are you studying Clinical Technology or Nanobiology?

The Examination Board handles among other things: 

  • Exemption requests
  • Requests for special facilities for students with disabilities
  • Extending the validity of examination results
  • Taking an extra course
  • Requests with regard to medical internships

The Examination Board investigates reports of fraud and may decide to sanction fraud. Furthermore, the Examination Board is involved in issuing binding study advice for bachelor students in Medicine. The Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) of the program and the Rules and Regulations of the Examination Board (R&R) describe the rules that a request to the Examination Board must meet. For more information and the mentioned documents, see the Rules and Guidelines page,

Submit a request?

In order to be exempted from a course, you must send a formal request to the Examination Board via OSIRIS Zaak. Find more information on STIP: STIP - Exemptions (erasmusmc.nl)

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