At Erasmus MC, we work together professionally and have professional manners. This often goes well, but sometimes a situation arises in which social safety is compromised. This may be the result of undesirable behavior such as bullying, aggression, violence, sexual and other intimidation or discrimination.

Any Erasmus MC student or staff member can talk to the ombudsman. The nature of the problem and the possible next steps will then be discussed. These steps may include informing, referring (for example, to a mediator), advising, mediating, or conducting an independent investigation.

By appointing an independent ombudsman, the Board aims to create, in addition to the existing bodies in the field of social safety, an independent, easily accessible and directly accessible to all students and employees, with authority and powers, including a mandate to initiate independent investigations. The Ombudsman can provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board of Directors in the area of social safety.

Who is the ombudsman?
This is Mario Buijk. He has worked at Erasmus MC since 1996 and started as a medical social worker. Later he became an organizational consultant at ManagementAdvies. He has guided teams through collaborations and changes. Because of this he knows the organization well. His goal with this job is to contribute to professional manners and a socially safe Erasmus MC.

Working method
If you contact us to make an appointment, you will be able to get to the appointment quickly.

Everything that is discussed with the ombudsman is confidential. Only after your permission can the ombudsman hear you again or request information and/or start an investigation.

Contact details ombudsman
E-mail address: /
Telephone number: 010-7030946
Room: Na-1415

Contact information ombudsman

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