Erasmus MC Graduate School

Erasmus MC Graduate School is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is headed by the scientific director who is supported by the managementteam, the PhD Track directors and the directors of the six research master programmes. In addition to PhD and research master of science education, the Graduate School focuses on Support & Wellbeing of students and PhD candidates. 

Erasmus MC’s educational management is supported by the department Educational Policy and Advice, the Graduate School Boards, the Graduate School Office and the Educational Support Center. 


  • Scientific director Graduate School/ Vice-dean of Education: Prof. dr. Maarten Frens 

  • Managing director: dr. Annet Bout-Tellegen 


  • Coordinator PhD education: dr. Shirley Uitte de Willige 

  • Coordinator PhD policy: dr. mr. Kirti Doekhie-Ramesar 

  • Coordinator Research Master education: dr. Annet Bout-Tellegen 

  • Coordinator Support & Wellbeing: Soeja de Groot   

Graduate School Boards:  

  • PhD Board (advisory board on PhD education) 

  • PhD committee (advisory board on PhD policy) 

  • Hora Finita Board (advisory board on the admission of PhD candidates) 

  • ReMa Board (research master education and policy) 

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