Heading to Erasmus MC? Wear a mask!

The Dutch government has recently issued an urgent request regarding the use of face masks in public spaces. In consultation with the mayor of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) implemented this new policy on the Woudestein campus last week. Erasmus MC, too, has now decided to urgently call on all visitors, patients, and students to wear face masks inside the hospital and at other Erasmus MC locations, including the Passage, the Education Center and the Gk Building.

What does this entail in practice?
Students are urgently requested to wear a face mask in all Erasmus MC (public) areas. This also applies to students who wish to study at the Education Center. It does not apply to classes taught on location, expect when required for specific reasons. This will then be announced explicitly by the teaching staff and face masks will be provided in class. In addition, students who experience COVID 19 symptoms should stay at home.

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