New additions to the Education Gallery

Teachers of the Year 2022-2023 have a place in the passageway

What do Renske Los, Joyce Lebbink and Gijs Elshout have in common? They are the best teachers of academic year 2022-2023 according to students of the programs Technical Medicine, Nanobiology and Medicine. Starting this week, they can be seen in the Education Gallery in Erasmus MC.  

Best teacher of the year  

Each year, students of study programs Medicine, Nanobiology and Technical Medicine programs choose the best lecturers of the year. These are the lecturers who have dedicated themselves to education in a unique way. Study associations MFVR, Hooke and Variscopic organize the award ceremony. The teachers get a permanent place (for three years) in the Education Gallery.

Why did Renske, Joyce and Gijs won?

Students think Renske is passionate, creative and thoughtful. Joyce engages students and covers topics with enthusiasm. Gijs is known as a good valued teacher who engages students and is always ready to help them. 

Want to know why they won?  

Take the stairs up and read more about it at the top of the portrait. You can also visit the Education Gallery website.

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Education Gallery  

Since 2021, the best teachers of the year have been given a place in the passageway at the entrance to the Education Center. Starting last academic year, the best teachers of the year will shine in the passageway for three years.  

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