Next to your faculty's orientation programme (your faculty will invite you!), the Eureka Week - the official introduction week of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) - and ESN's Introduction Days, we offer orientation activities that will help you settle in as a new international student in Rotterdam with a jump start!

There are multiple activities for which you can sign up at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately, the IKEA shuttle services, the Erasmus Sports tour and the Bicycle lessons are no longer available.

  • The Language & Training Centre of Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a Dutch beginner’s course with a considerable discount to all international students. The course leads to an official CEF-level and a certificate. The Language & Training Centre organises regular and intensive Dutch courses at various levelsDutch courses are offered four times a year (October-December / January-March / April-June / Summer). 

    For more information regarding the schedules, content and rates you can visit their website, or email ltc@eur.nl.

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) organises Airport welcome services from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam at the beginning of every semester. For this spring-semester, there is no upcoming event. Please stay tuned via our Facebook and Instagram pages to be informed about our welcome services this summer!

    For more information about the Airport welcome services, check out the Airport welcome services page

    Register for the Airport Welcome Service through the form below on this page.

  • Would you like to take care of practical matters before classes start? Such as registering at the City Hall and opening a bank account? Then you are in luck! Every year, One Stop Shops* are organised where you will be able to take care of this.

    Check all information regarding the One Stops Shops on the One Stop Shops webpage

    Note: If you are an EUC or IBEB student, do not sign up for the OSS via our weblink yourself! This because all students from these courses are already automatically signed up for an appointment at an OSS as part of their introduction program. Your faculty will inform you about your reserved date and timeslot for attendance in time.

    *not applicable to ISS students. You’ll be informed by ISS staff on this matter.

    Register for the One Stop Shops through the form below on this page.

      • 18 August 2020, location: tba
      • 26 August 2020, location: tba
      • 27 August 2020, location: tba
      • 2 September 2020, location: tba
      • 9 September 2020, location: tba
      • 16 September 2020, location: tba
      • 21 October 2020, location: tba

      It is no longer possible to pick up your residence permit at the One Stop Shop. Please make an appointment at the IND.

  • Every semester new international students are cordially invited to attend the Official Welcome. For this summer, there is no chosen date yet. Make sure to be part of the upcoming event and stay posted following announcements on our website and social media (Facebook, Instagram)

    During the ceremony, speeches will be held by Rector Magnificus prof. dr. Rutger Engels and the president of ESN-Rotterdam. Next to the official program items, comedian Adam Fields will share his experiences as a British expat in ‘ons kikkerlandje’.  

    After the ceremony, please join us to celebrate the start of your studies abroad with a toast, bite and music in the Erasmus Sport’s Café (free consumptions, end time 20.00).
    If you wish to continue the party, be invited to raise your glass during the ESN Tuesday event @ Beurs afterwards.

    The Official Welcome Ceremony is usually happily received by our internationals, and we hope to see you there! Register through the form below on this page.

    Check out last year's ceremony!

  • The EUR Buddy Programme aims to help new students set up their own social network from the day they arrive in Rotterdam. Would you like some help with practicalities or integration? Don't hesitate to request an EUR Buddy!

    Your EUR Buddy will help you to start your (student) life in Rotterdam. You could, for example, get assistance with finding supermarkets, doctors, registration at the city hall and many other practical matters. Your EUR Buddy can also help you on a more social level, introducing you to new people and activities organised all over Rotterdam.

    Erasmus Student Network

    The EUR Buddy Programme is linked to Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN creates an international community in Rotterdam of cultures from all over the world and promotes the integration into the Dutch culture.

    You can request an EUR Buddy on the EUR Buddy Programme Website.  

  • Getting around town by bike is the cheapest, healthiest, greenest and most Dutch means of transport. However, to most internationals cycling is far from second nature. International Office EUR offers crash-courses cycling to introduce you to the basic cycling techniques and traffic rules. An experienced teacher guides you through the do’s and don’ts of cycling during a 1 hour group lesson. The aim is to make you ride away into Rotterdam all by yourself.

    For more information about the Bicycle lessons, check out the Bicycle lessons service page.

    Note: the next bicycle lessons will be 27th of August 2020. 

  • Do you need to get some final things for your room?


    On the 28th of August and the 4th of September we organize shuttle services to IKEA for our international students. In two shifts per day, busses will leave campus Woudestein and take you to the nearest IKEA (Location Barendrecht). You will have 2 hrs. to explore, collect, order or buy preferred items and get the famous ‘Swedish meatballs’. We’ll head back to Rotterdam and drop you off at campus Woudestein again.

    To register for the IKEA event, you have to make a down payment of 5 euro that you will get refunded in the form of a 5 euro IKEA voucher that you can use during the shopping trip. FYI: Once you made a down payment, the participation fee can only be reimbursed in the form of a gift voucher, even if you cancel your participation.

    As only 40 students + furniture fit into one bus, you have to sign up for a specific date and timeslot to participate in the eventNote: only one registration per person is allowed, multiple submissions will not be considered. On the 26th of June, it will be possible to register for the event. At that time, open the webform designed for your date/timeslot of preference and submit your application.


    IKEA Service 28 August 2020 timeslots:


    09.30- 13.30, gathering @ Hatta Building 09.00

    14.00- 18.00  gathering @ Hatta Building 13.30


    IKEA Service 4 September 2020 timeslots:


    09.30- 13.30, gathering @ Hatta Building 09.00

    14.00- 18.00  gathering @ Hatta Building 13.30


    Curious what the event looks like? Check the article in Erasmus Magazine published last summer!


  • The Erasmus Sports Centre, located on campus, offers over 50 sports, available on all levels. Additionally, the Center organizes sport events, tournaments, and internal competitions, personal training and body fit courses run by certified trainers.

    Interested? If you want us to arrange a guided Erasmus Sport Tour for you, please fill out the form below!

    Note: the next tour will be in September 2020. 

  • Webinar Navigating housing for first year international students in the Netherlands

    Navigating housing - webinar

    Arriving in Rotterdam: How to find housing?

    Arriving in Rotterdam: How to find housing?

You can now sign up for:*

*Nothing to see? Then we're probably well on our way into the semester and you're hopefully all settled in and enjoying your time. Not the case? Feel free to reach out to us!

These activities are arranged at the beginning of every semester, just upon your first arrival in Rotterdam. When signing up, please keep in mind that you have to sign up for every event individually

Orientation activities

Check out photos of the Pick up Service, Ikea Service and One Stop Shops!

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