Looking to immigrate to the Netherlands (NL) for your studies? Great choice, it’s really nice here.

You may need to make immigration arrangements to travel into our country. What it is you need to do (arrange a visa? a residence permit? nothing?)? How much will it cost and how long does it take? No need to stress, we have all the answers.

And by Dutch law, students cannot apply for a study residence permit themselves, so relax. 
Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) assists admitted students with arranging any immigration formalities, either through your faculty or through our central international office, and will reach out to you as soon as your admittance is final.

Start your immigration procedure

First things first: a visa is not the same as a residence permitWhich do you need?

Find out what best fits your situation, and together we can arrange it all.

Do you need a visa and/or a residence permit?

Check your personal situation.

To keep your permit, you need sufficient study results.

The EUR monitors progress.

Do you already have a residence permit...

...but need to update it?

Work or internship on your study permit?

How to work/intern in NL.

What to do after your programme?

Check out your options.

Lost your residence permit, or is it stolen?

Yep, it’s lost / stolen.

Are you receiving friends or family?

Visitors and their visa / permits

FAQ’s from other international students.

Find all the answers here.

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