Advice & Counseling
When you need support

Advice & counseling

If you need support or advice regarding the content of your study, please contact your own faculty study advisor. If you have any other issues, you can contact Advice & Counseling. For example, you can contact us if you’re confronted with:

Student Support can also help you with various other issues. Take a look at the pages below to see which other services we offer.. Moreover, you will find useful tips and tricks below regarding effective studying and your wellbeing. If you need further help after reading this page, please use the relevant pages to schedule an appointment with a university psychologist, student counsellor or career advisor.

Training sessions and groups

As well as individual support, Student Support also offers various training sessions and groups, including examination anxiety training, an improving study habits’ group, a studying with dyslexia course, CV checks, support in applying for jobs and much more. Please consult our agenda for a complete overview.