Programme overview

Digitalisation, Surveillance & Societies
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The master specialisation Digitalisation, Surveillance & Societies covers pressing topics like the integration of digital technologies into a range of everyday practices and its effects. As well as cross-sector issues that require critical reflection about data collection, discrimination, privacy violations, and disruptions by and through digital media.

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Digitalisation, Surveillance & Societies is one of the five master Media Studies specialisations. The curriculum is small-scale, intensive, and interactive. Seminars, workshops, field trips and guest lectures provide a varied and challenging programme.

Much attention is given to academic skills: you learn to present, debate, write and analyse. You receive support from a motivated team of international lecturers. Your own input is valued and counts as part of your assessment. In addition, you can expect devoted, individual guidance when writing your master thesis.

Course overview

Below you can view the fulltime programme of Digitalisation, Surveillance & Societies for this academic year.

Note: Content, themes and scheduling of Elective Seminars and Research Workshops is subject to change and may vary in subsequent years. The capacity of Elective Seminars and Research Workshops is limited. Students have the opportunity to indicate their course interests. Allocation will be done by the Programme Office. 

Study Schedule

Term 1

Course code: CM4601
Student workload: 5 EC

Course code: CM4602
Student workload: 5 EC

Term 1-2

Course code: CM4304

Student workload: 10 EC

Term 2

Course code: CM4604
Student workload: 5 EC

Vigilant Audiences, Visibility and ReputationCM42525EC
Surveillance and the Media CM4650

Term 3

Course code: CM4605
Student workload: 5 EC

Roaming the Digital World: Data Analytics for Business & SocietyCM41045EC
Unboxing the AlgorithmCM4606

Term 1-4

Course code: CM4500

Student workload: 2 EC

Course code: CM5000

Student workload: 18 EC

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