The team

The team behind the research project 'Sport and Nation' consists of eight researchers. Please click on each separate name for more information on each member of the team.

Project leader: Dr. Gijsbert Oonk

Gijsbert Oonk is a Global Historian whose research and teaching activities are in the field of Global History, especially African and Indian History, Migration, Citizenship, Capitalism and Inequality, and Sport.

Jacco Sterkenburg

Jacco van Sterkenburg works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media & Communication at Erasmus University. Amongst other topics, Van Sterkenburg’s research focused on race/ethnicity and gender in mediated football; media, migration and diversity in a Dutch and European perspective and cultural racism.

Gijs van Campenhout

Gijs van Campenhout is a PhD Candidate at the Department of History. Van Campenhout focuses on the history of ‘nationality transfers’ of football players in the context of elite migration, changing nationality and ‘complex citizenship’ issues. 

Jasmin Seijbel

Jasmin Seijbel is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication (Department of History). Her research involves educational programmes initiated to prevent discrimination and antisemitism in football stadiums. 

Christian Ungruhe

Christian Ungruhe is a social anthropologist working in the fields of migration, youth, work and sport in West Africa and Northern and Central Europe. 

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