We aim to contribute to sustainable health care for all

At ESHPM, we envision a more accessible and affordable health care that maintains quality of care while being inclusive to all people. We broaden the conceptualisation of health care from a singular system to a constellation of care and social networks that influence and are influenced by health and health institutions, thus recognising that health inequalities drive and are driven by other social inequalities. Improving patient-centred care, creating more equitable access to treatments, and prioritising preventative care while ensuring the sustainability of health care in workforce structuring, costs and the ecological footprint are necessary to engage with today’s societal challenges. We acknowledge that health and well-being are not contained within borders, and a global approach that seeks to ensure universal access to health care for all is needed.

Distinguishing the ‘what’ and ‘who’ of the societal impact ambition as sustainable health care for all plays an important role in weighing which research, education or engagement activities may be positive for one group, but at a cost for society as a whole. In seeking to have a positive societal impact, ESHPM places this question of what impacts will benefit the most of society at the centre of all activities.

Impact Report

  • Read more about how ESHPM seeks to work towards our impact ambition through our engagement, research, and education portfolios in our Impact Report. The report was built after several months of discussing with staff, students, and partners how we as a School can work towards maximising our societal impact. It outlines our impact ambition and strategic points we will consider across engagement, research, education, and operations, and will be the basis for the ESHPM Strategy 2024-2026 that is currently underway.

Strategy 2020-2024

  • This strategy document outlines ESHPM’s direction for the next five years. Here we present our long-term objectives for education, research, societal impact, and our working environment.

    Along with the long-term objectives, the listed action points form a guide to the action we intend taking. Our (annual) implementation plans will lift us to the next step, further define concrete actions and translate them into specific (measurable) goals. Read more about our strategy.

    Strategy ESHPM Leading & Connecting

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