Anne Margriet Pot will chair a new Lancet Commission on Long-Term Care for Older Persons


Anne Margriet Pot (Professor of Regulation of person-centred long-term care, department of Health Care Governance) has recently been appointed as chair of a new Lancet Commission on Long-term care for older persons. The Lancet Commissions are aimed at transformational change in health policy and improvement of practice for the most pressing issues in science, medicine, and global health.

The new Lancet Commission has been established to foster a transformation towards person-centred long-term care for older persons. Older persons with a significant loss in mental or physical capacities are often marginalised and perceived as a burden, risking violations of their human rights and dignity. The Lancet Commission will use a human rights lens and take the WHO Healthy Aging Framework as a starting point. The commissioners will collaborate with a group of older persons with lived experience. The work will be in alignment with the UN Decade of Healthy Aging, to maximize the functional ability of older persons.

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A Lancet Commission usually last 2 to 3 years, and will result in a peer-reviewed report. The commissioners are all experts in the field from a wide range of disciplines and different regions in the world. For more information, go to the website of The Lancet.

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